plex Holy Hell, what a pain it is to get a Plex Home Theatre Server up and running. Well, properly anyway. We’re an XBMC family, so Plex is not really an option for us. Although, I did give it a shot – all I seemed to managed to do was modify the touch dates on all my video files, which in turn, screwed up the widely used ‘Sort by date’ option in XBMC.

Sooo, at any rate, if you have a Plex server running, this could be cool. On the other hand, if you’re setup with Plex, you’re probably already displaying content on your TV. I suppose if you have multiple TV’s in your home however, AND you use Plex, this could come in handy. My father taught me to never put a TV in the bedroom. I agree, that’s why I sleep with my iPad.

Pocket Casts

pocketcasts What’s not to love about an app made by people who call themselves ‘Shifty Jelly’. This is my most heavily used app (on iOS) other than the camera app maybe. I look forward to the recently added ‘Send to Chromecast’ feature making it’s way to my platform of choice. Until then, Pocket Casts makes slummin’ it with my Android tablet a pleasurable experience. Great app, great update.


castpad Now this actually looks kind of interesting. I haven’t tried it yet, but I do have children who most likely would find this amusing for at least a couple of minutes. Until one of them decides that Android sucks and demands the iPad that I’ll be relaxing with nearby.

Available on Google Play


pixocast I haven’t tried this because I already grabbed Photo Cast for iOS. There are only so many times I’m pulling up pictures on my phone. This one appears to support video, which is nice. I’m pretty sure Photo Cast does not. But I haven’t used either to any degree of being certain on either of these things. At any rate, it’s only $1.99 so I’ll likely grab this when I have a little more free time. Don’t you hate it when people complain about the price of apps? I mean, it’s $2 for Christ sake. Pony up people.

Available now in the App Store

Chromecast Now Open to Developers

Great news. Google has made the Chromecast SDK available to developers. ┬áIt’ll be interesting to see if Apple begins rejecting apps that are adding the Chromecast button to their apps. We can assume not, based on the existing apps, but if things really take off it’s certainly a direct competitor to Apples air play.

via Droid Life

What’s Holding Up Chromecast?

What’s Holding Up New Chromecast Apps? Nothing … But Google, That Is

The SDK’s “developer preview mode” includes terms that prohibit third parties from publicly distributing Chromecast-compatible apps. Among other things, the SDK requires developers to “whitelist,” or register, specific Chromecast devices with Google. This essentially ensures that only pre-approved Chromecasts will work with apps under development.

I smell a rat.